Featured Vendor: The Left Bank Jewelry & Bridal Finery (aka The Place Where Bling Dreams Come True)

Left Bank JewelryLeft Bank JewelryEven the most modest brides know that weddings are for B-L-I-N-G! I’m usually pretty low key when it comes to everyday accessories, but for my wedding day, I couldn’t help but bring out the family jewels!! That’s me below!!

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 So, I can’t tell you how excited I was to discover the Chicago-based store – The Left Bank Jewelry & Bridal Finery! This magical, Parisian-inspired accessory boutique was the brainchild of owner (and my name twin) Susan Metropoulos, who has been in the jewelry game since 1995! Her eye for style and polished aesthetic has earned The Left Bank the title of “The Soul of Paris in the Heart of Chicago.”

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Wedding Headpieces from Around the World

When it comes to weddings, the dress usually gets all of the glory, but cultures around the world put as much thought into what the bride wears on her head as what she’ll have on her body…which I love!! Nothing screams bell of the ball than an awesome accessory on your head!

Here’s are my top 5 favorite head adornments from around the world.

Give us a shout in the comments, if there are other cool headpieces that you love.

Okuku – Edo Tribe, Nigeria

Edo Bride Okuku, Native and Posh Wedding blog

Source: http://jideodukoya.com/

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Charity Wedding Gown Sale Coming to Chicago Area

I just got my ticket to Brides Against Breast Cancer’s Charity Wedding Gown Sale in Skokie,IL and YOU SHOULD TOO!! I’ve posted about this amazing organization a bunch and even donated a portion of the proceeds from my Valentine’s event to support them. I just love love love that they’re helping brides look beautiful, while also doing good.

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5 Tips for the Perfect City Hall Wedding

san francisco city hall wedding

Source: Sasha Wedding Photography; San Francisco, California; (415) 706-9350

Courthouses have been synonymous with shotgun weddings since the shot gun was invented, but the times, they are a-changing. Brides of all ages and races have been opting for courthouse and city hall weddings for their simplicity and quirkiness. And even our beloved Carrie Bradshaw eventually married Big in a lovely city hall ceremony. Whether you’re eloping, formalizing your wedding paperwork for a destination wedding or just looking for a nontraditional way to celebrate your nuptials, a city hall or courthouse wedding may be for you!

But, it’s not as simple as passing through a Vegas drive through. Although they’re far easier to plan than a traditional wedding, some planning is still required for a city hall/ courthouse wedding. Here are some tips to help make your city hall wedding a dream come true.

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Where’s Susan?

Hello good people! I know I’ve been a bit of a ghost lately, but I promise I have a good excuse!! I gave up social media for the season of Lent and decided to take an overall break from the digital world. While I was gone, I turned 30 (pics below!!), traveled to Spain, celebrated my 2nd anniversary with the man I love and volunteered with the coolest group of 1st graders the world has ever seen!

Here are a few pics from my double birthday parties below! Hubby totally spoiled me during my birth-month!!

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These $99 Wedding Dresses Will BLOW YOUR MIND!

David’s Bridal is running their annual $99 wedding dress sale and OMG!! These dresses (which totally look like they’re worth thousands) are actually usually priced at the very affordable, very David’s Bridal range of $300-$800…but for a limited time, they’re selling them for only $99. And, I know what you’re thinking…they’re probably the icky, ugly, tacky ones on sale. Nope! They’re STUNNING! Check out these beauties below!!

They’re enough to make me want to renew my vows 🙂

– Wow!

Native and Posh


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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips for the Busty Bride


We women usually have an interesting relationship with our boobs. For me, I used to go to bed almost every night of high school, praying to be better endowed by morning. My two best friends were the opposites, walking through life with two sports bras on at all times, to  tame the gals. Whatever side you’re on, it doesn’t necessarily get any better when you start wedding dress shopping. If you’re on the itty titty side, thought, its as simple as adding a bra insert or getting your dress taken in. If you’re on the opposite end, it may be a little more complicated. So, to help out the well endowed among you, I reached out to my panel of experts for their tips on wedding and bridesmaid dress shopping for the busty bride. Love love love their candid tips!

Feel free to add any additional tips to the comments section!

Beautifully Busty,
Native and Posh

Splurge on the Bra

“Get a great Bra for the day. Shopping at Nordstrom or a place where they have people who make careers out of fitting women. Victoria’s Secret doesn’t cut it and they don’t carry my size. I refuse to shop somewhere that I cannot try on their product.”

“Purchase the right bra. Period. It’s not the right bra if you’re tugging at it all day. This is the real hunt!”

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Chicago’s Finest Bakeries: Vanilla Sugar Bakery

I used to think that all cupcakes were created equal, until I had my first Vanilla Sugar Bakery cupcake. With flavors like “Its Just Nuts” and “Banoffee,” they’re as fun to say as they are to eat. And they aren’t just making me rethink my cupcakes. Everything from their delicate French macarons to their delicious caramel covered brownies come from well crafted recipes, over 10 years in the making. Vanilla Sugar Bakery’s secret, though, is that they use only the finest and freshest ingredients – real butter, sugar, flour, eggs etc. to create their delicious desserts.

The bakery was started by two sisters, Norma and Maggie, and grew from a small batch business in their home to a thriving bakery in Winfield, IL. As their client base grew in 2010, the sisters decided to give up corporate careers to fully pursue their dreams of opening and operating a bakery. In a region full of world class bakeries, what has continued to set Vanilla Sugar Bakery apart is their focus on quality. All of their recipes are made fresh daily, without preservatives, fillers or additives. Just yummy, gooey deliciousness!! Check out some of their mouthwatering sweets below.

It was so amazing to have them as one of our esteemed vendors at last week’s Love is Sweet Valentines dessert event (full event recap to come!!). I’m still dreaming about those salted vanilla cupcakes. Yum!

– Stay Sweet

Native and Posh

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Chicago’s Finest Bakeries: CAKE Sweet Food Chicago


For Mary Winslow, the passion for wedding cake creation actually began as a passion for art and later evolved into a love of baking. As a young ad agency account executive, she started dreaming of stepping into work that allowed her to bring together  those two loves and a way to make art delicious.

So, this mother, entrepreneur, and self-taught pastry chef decided to take a leap of faith and start her own cake business. Winslow first began experimenting with cakes at home and had her family and friends vote on their favorites. After honing her talents, she decided to venture into the world of professional kitchens and began subletting part of a catering kitchen to fulfill orders for her first business – Take the Cake. Not long after, with her pastry and wedding cake business really taking off, Winslow found she needed a bigger kitchen with an even bigger oven.

Today, her thriving bakery and sweet shop CAKE Sweet Food in Chicago’s United Center neighborhood as well as her eStore have allowed her to share her passion for high quality, delicious sweets with the world, not matter how close or far they may be from Chicago they were! Her beautiful creations are as gorgeous as they are delicious and are truly a remarkable sight to behold!

I’m so excited that CAKE Sweet Food Chicago will be one of our esteemed vendors at next Thursday’s Love is Sweet Valentines dessert event. If you want to sample some of their seriously delicious deserts, you can get your tickets at Eventbrite. Hope to see you there!

– Love is Sweet, Native and Posh

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