Totally Posh Alternatives to the Traditional Bouquet

There are so many things we do for weddings, without really knowing why we do them. Carrying a bouquet is one of those things. Some people say the tradition of carry wedding flowers came about because people rarely showered and needed to carry something to cover up any possible body odor. Others say the tradition links back to Europe’s Black Plague, where people used to carry around bunches of garlic and dill, to protect themselves from the disease.

Whatever the reason, I have to confess, I had a hard time with my wedding flowers. Despite my initial excitement about my bouquet, throughout our wedding day, I couldn’t quite figure out exactly what to do with them. I ended up handing them to my maid of honor, for most of the day. But then picture time came and my, oh my did I get it. The perfect bouquet can make for some amazing pictures! While the bouquet is usually an unquestioned part of our wedding attire, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t also be a place to show off your personality and personal taste. Whether you’re chic, quirky or natural, check out the bouquets below for your wedding day inspiration.

-native and posh

wedins_styleunveiled_2014_starsandstripes_021Event Styling and Design / Stationery: Expressionary Events; Photography: D. Park Photography; Floral Design: Shawna Yamamoto Design; Source

mwd104082_sum09_77_xlDIY Butterfly Bouquet; Source Martha Stewart Living il_570xN.386183772_a6z3Succulent Bouquet by SucculentlyUrban 223Feather bouquet; Source

4159a8394a720fc7c9030872400665caIndian Wedding Flower Garland by Capri Flowers; Photography by Matei Horvath Photography


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