Real Wedding: Wande and Oti’s Romantic Baltimore Wedding

Yesterday, I shared the Wande and Oti’s traditional Nigerian Wedding and today, for your viewing pleasure, we have the beautiful pics from their rustic/ romantic ceremony and reception in Baltimore, MD. Thanks to Deji Oke-owo Photography for capturing this magical day!

-stay posh



wande kissSFO_9860Venue: The Bethesda Ballroom; Photographer: Deji Oke-owo; Hair/ Makeup: Make-up by Frumbi

N&P: What part or detail of your wedding are you most proud of?

Wande: The flower arrangements, guest seating chart and the lighting.

N&P: What part of your wedding was the most stressful?

Wande: Putting the guest list together.

N&P: What did you enjoy the most about your wedding?

Wande: The dancing and FOOD.

N&P: What was the most memorable part of your wedding experience?

Wande: Celebrating with close family and friends.

N&P: What tips do you wish someone had shared with you, before your wedding?

Wande: Start compiling your guest list early lol.

N&P: How can other brides create a unique wedding?

Wande: By adding elements that mean a lot to them. For example, if you are someone who loves flowers, ensure your favorite type(s) flower(s) is/are arranged nicely on each table, sweetheart table and by the entrance where you will receive your guests during cocktails.

N&P: What is the most important thing you have learned, since getting married?

Wande: Being content, appreciative and patient.


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