Tasty Alternatives to Wedding Cake

best-day-ever-bridal-shower1Source; Cake, sweets + venue: Cacao Sweets and Treats | Styling + photography by Melissa Becker 

I love a delicious, moist wedding cake as much as the next person, but it never hurts to switch it up. I saw my first Croquembouch at a friend’s wedding last year and was totally wowed by how classy it looked and how delectable it tasted. This French dessert, which literally means “something that crunches in your mouth” was my first introduction to the wonderful world of non-cake wedding desserts. Since then, I’ve seen everything from cake pops, doughnut towers and more popping up on dessert tables. If you’re looking for something to replace your traditional wedding cake with or a little addition to spice up your dessert table, check out these tasty options below.

– native and posh

cakesFrench Croquembouch from Luxury Wedding; French Macaroon Tower by Cake Opera Co, Photo by Cynthia at  Cynthia Martyn Events”; Pie Table from Snippet and Ink, Photo by Suzi at Q Weddings; Ice Cream Dessert from The Knot, Photo by Photos by Jay; Doughnut Cake from Rainy Kitchen


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