Real Wedding: Sara & Justin (Cincinnati)

Love often finds us in the most unexpected ways. Neither Mason High School teach Sara nor Worship Pastor Justin were exactly looking for love, when a mutual friend introduced them to each other, but when Justin relocated to Cincinnati to lead worship at Center Pointe Church, their friend just knew they would be a perfect match. While their outgoing personalities and love for service helped them form an instant connection, it was their mutual Christian faith that helped them stay grounded throughout their relationship. Justin and Sara were married in a beautifully memorable ceremony in Cincinnati’s iconic St. Elizabeth Vineyard Central Church.

– native and posh


Sara and Justin  (224)

IMG_2217Justin and Sara got married in Cincinnati’s iconic St. Elizabeth Vineyard Central Church.

Sara and Justin  (320)

Sara and Justin  (52)“Having worship and communion was also very important to us. We desperately wanted our wedding to convey how grateful we are for God’s faithfulness and redemption. The time of worship (and the pictures that were taken during this time) is one of my favorite wedding memories.”

Sara and Justin  (150)

Sara and Justin  (275)

Sara and Justin  (22)

NP: What part or detail of your wedding are you most proud of?
Sara: The cost!!!! We spent less on our wedding (about $7500) than we did on our honeymoon.
We had our wedding on a Friday evening and served a dessert reception following. We had friends and family help by baking some of our family favorite recipes. Not only did this keep cost down, it allowed people who wanted to help chip in and all of our favorites were served to our guests.

NP: How did your groom/ family participate in the planning process?
Sara: Justin planned much of the ceremony’s details. He planned the music, coordinated with the DJ, organized the ceremony order, etc.

NP: What did you enjoy the most about your wedding?
Sara: It felt like us!!!! Every part of our wedding seemed to represent our personalities.

NP: What was the most memorable part of your wedding experience?
Sara: The whole thing!!! I have so many fun memories fill my mind when I think of this question.

NP: How can other brides create a unique wedding?
Sara: Ask for help. So many people are willing to chip in and they really want to help make the day super special for you.

NP: What is the most important thing you have learned, since getting married?
Sara: The wedding is just the beginning and is such a small part in retrospect. I am glad that we didn’t go overboard because it set a reasonable expectation for how we would budget and plan other parts of our life together.


Venue: St. Elizabeth Vineyard Central // Photographer: Tami McCarl // Hair and Makeup: Corey Adams


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