Closeness Makes the Heart Grow Fonder


I’ve always heard praises of our long-distance, hyper active, over scheduled culture. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” the pundits have assured us. But, after spending 360 hours straight with my hubby on our recent second honeymoon in Spain, Morocco and Paris, I’ve found that closeness, not distance…proximity, not absence, makes the heart grow fonder.

I had always dreamed of honeymooning in some far flung destination, when I got married, But, when the time came, the craziness of the wedding and the time needed to plan an international affair in our native Nigeria meant that we didn’t have much time afterwards for a proper honeymoon. We definitely took a few days to recharge after the wedding, but kept promising to take a real vacation a few months later. But, like it always does, life kept getting in the way. New jobs, new cities and lots of other commitments kept crowding in from every direction, until we started feeling a little like Carl and Ellie trying to take their trip to Paradise Falls.

But, last month, we had the opportunity to take two and a half weeks off and it was glorious! At home, we’re both running to or from work or some other commitment, squeezing time in for date nights and prayer here and there, but often spending less than a few hours a day with each other. On vacation, we got to really connect, recharge and remember why we first fell in love that first night. Don’t believe the hype. Nothing can replace closeness and nothing can reinvigorate a marriage like disconnecting from everything but one another.

So, here’s the best of the best of our vacay pics. Hope you like them! Ps…They were all take on my iphone. Kudos to Apple for making a seriously stellar camera!

– live, love, completely

native and posh

 SPAIN (Madrid and Malaga)

Temple of Debod, a gift from Egypt to the people of Spain


A night of Flamenco. I never appreciated the skill needed for this Spanish dance form until I saw it live. 237228

Tapas! Yum!!


Cathedral de Santa Maria la Real de la Amundena


Placeo Real, the former rolyal residence and current home of the Spnish Pareliment


Selfies in downtown Malaga278291

And hubby trying his first ever yummy seafood paella!!290276

Costa del Sol

MOROCCO (Casablanca, Fes, Marrakesh, Rabat)

La mosquée Hassan II in Casablanca

IMG_0032 352 350 349  343 342 IMG_0185IMG_0005

Hubby and I chilling in downtown Casablanca….totally looking like tourists 🙂329   IMG_0018 IMG_0011

Grounds of the Mausoleum of Mohammed V and the tower of the unfinished Hassan in Rabat

IMG_0034IMG_0012  422



The Royal Palace of Rabat409

Beautiful sights, in and around the medina, in Marrakesh370399 395 378 379   393 387 384

Royal Palace of Fez (Dar el Makhzen)450  452

Fes is an artists dream. It is the home of all of the beautiful architecture and designs that are seen all over Morocco. Artists from around the country come the Fes to study tile-making, engravingwood carving and much more. Our awesome tour guide took us through a artist commune, where they hand-make everything from pottery to mosaics, !

480465 469

An artisan doing the painstaking work of creating a mosaics. They place all the tiles on face down and then plaster the back.473 475 477 479  489 500 501 502 506 528 526

While just couldn’t get enough of the ornate buildings and creative mosaics, it was the Moroccan countryside that really stole my heart. The serene Berber villages and rolling hillsides were much more beautiful than I expected.



FRANCE (Paris)

And, of course, Paris was amazing…as always.

565 567 571

599577 592  613 621 622 636


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