College Friends to Lovers: Lucia and Luke’s Real Wedding (Columbus)

Lucia and Luke’s amazing love story proves that the slow flame can burn as brightly as a quick, blaze. Maybe, even more so. When Lucia first met the saucy Luke, as California transplant and former Air Force man, she was not impressed. In January, he kept talking about how amazing California weather was, which would be off putting for anyone stranded in the frozen arctic of the Midwest. But they eventually grew to be acquaintances and later casual friends. Four years later, in 2010, a single email would change their lives forever.

“Luke emailed me because he had heard I moved to Chicago and he had a friend in Chicago he thought I would be friends with. This started many 100s of emails about life and relationships. Throughout 4 years of emails and phone calls and many moves, Luke and I became the best of friends…kinda like “When Harry met Sally”. We talked about everything…even about boyfriends and girlfriends! A year ago,I went to Austin to visit Luke and while I was there, we realized we were more than just friends…and that we actually had fallen in love with each other. 4 months later, he proposed and here we are, husband and wife. Life is wild sometimes.”  -Lucia

What began as a small acquaintance grew into a love that is such a joy to see! Their wedding this May was full to the brim with sweet moments, sunflowers as big and bright as the California sunshine and a cloud of loving family. Blessings on their marriage!!

And…OMG!! Those photos! Thanks to Ashlee Layne Photography for beautifully capturing the day!!

 10341485_10105032274463555_7928908362352090401_n 1604955_10105032274977525_6712618556232404672_n10704073_10105032283485475_1339958549185168125_n 1521841_10105032275261955_6772603804634473296_n 10383894_10105032278944575_634799778865174588_n 1901176_10105032278530405_6438841965209280690_n 10710822_10105032281339775_2049131208150087490_n 10449499_10105032281783885_101112955822701218_n 10541917_10105032286788855_71237004840229029_n 1959511_10105032287632165_3556657219580227386_n 1964865_10105032288714995_6197660705758338619_n 10271581_10105032290571275_8781947942727032793_n 10362372_10105032288585255_6351244871438868842_n 10383967_10105032303655055_7619937433181480932_n 10414895_10105032289538345_6182515629800714644_n 10592934_10105032279338785_6944983278716142778_n 10659386_10105032289034355_3408039828654052906_n 10592934_10105032303121125_3451180330020788274_n 10665281_10105032306065225_467624089716057384_n 10403065_10105032304623115_8495274744338327904_n 10380285_10105032274867745_8181946314351958962_n 1604708_10105032304343675_6544903865933252743_n
Hair: Wanderlust Curls
Makeup: Bride’s sister Elena
Wedding Venue: St. Agatha’s Catholic Church, Columbus, OH 

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