Choosing the Perfect Wedding Hashtag


No matter how amazing your wedding photographer, your family, guests, and possibly even you, will take at least two cell phone photos at your wedding. The pre, post and during wedding selfies are as inevitable as the electric slide. While some couples are starting to ban phones at weddings all together, a lot of couples are embracing this new shutter-happy trend in a big way by creating custom wedding hashtags that all their guests can use to to tag their photos on Instagram or Facebook. While you most definitely still need a killer photographer to capture the festivities as only a professional can, the candids you’ll get from social media will help make sure you don’t miss any of the fun.

Thinking about having a social wedding, here are my top 5 tips for creating the perfect wedding #Hashtag.

1. Be unique. When it comes to custom hashtags, the obvious choice is usually not the best. A search for #weddingday brought up 1.6 million results on Instagram. This is hardly custom…the purpose of a hashtag is to help you keep track of all your guests pictures. Be sure to do a quick IG or Twitter scan, before you finalize your unique hashtag.

2. Keep it Short. #Whileitmightsoundnicetocreateareallydescriptivehashtag, brevity is best. #SusanWedsHanson

3. Capitalize the first letter of each word. Tip number 2 kind of stressed this already, but it will be easier for your guests to remember the hashtag if you write it with the right type of capitalization. It will also help reduce the risk of misspellings.

4. Make it easy to remember. If you’re in Maui, then by golly, use #OgucheMauiWedding or if you’re both huge OSU fans, try #TwoBucksInLove. Make it something that your guest will find memorable.

5. Stay away from abbreviations. I have to admit, BRB has creeped its way into my everyday speak, but it advised that you stay as far away from abbreviations in your wedding hashtag. Something like #2BILIM obviously means #TwoBucksInLoveInMaui, right? Yeah. Probably not so obvious. With the exception of Mr., Mrs., and OSU (Go Bucks!) I would advise that you avoid abbreviations for your hashtag.

And if you’re looking for some pretty hashtag signs to put around the reception site, check out Etsy!!


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