Wedding Headpieces from Around the World

When it comes to weddings, the dress usually gets all of the glory, but cultures around the world put as much thought into what the bride wears on her head as what she’ll have on her body…which I love!! Nothing screams bell of the ball than an awesome accessory on your head!

Here’s are my top 5 favorite head adornments from around the world.

Give us a shout in the comments, if there are other cool headpieces that you love.

Okuku – Edo Tribe, Nigeria

Edo Bride Okuku, Native and Posh Wedding blog


As a Nigerian, I love the traditional wear for Nigerian wedding. The Okuku is probably one of my absolutely favorites! It’s an important part of Edo bridal attire and is used to make the bride appear more regal. To create the style, the hair is worn in a high bun called Eto-Okuku and coral beads are sewn into the hair to the create the appearance of a crown.

Keshapasharachana – Tamil Bride, India

The Keshapasharachana literally means to arrange the hair in a flock and involves a simple braid, adorned with gold jewelry and flowers. It is common among South Indian brides and is said to symbolize three things — India’s three rivers, the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, and the three strands of the new household, including the bride’s father’s house, her in-laws’ house, and the bride herself. It’s as meaningful as it is lovely!

Suntiang – West Sumatra, Indonesia

e74f7864150ffe0d66850a0e9aee0dabSource: Etsy

Brides in Indonesia’s West Sumatra probably work harder than any other bride to prepare for their special day. The suntiang, that is a common part of Indonesian weddings, is a custom headpiece weighing up to 5 kilograms. It is typically put into place piece by piece, in a process that can take hours. The outcome, though, is a stunning crown that adds glamour and tradition to their  wedding party.

Haku – Hawaii, USA 

hawaiian haku, lei, Native and Posh Wedding BLog

Source: Wedding Sparrow

While leis were originally brought to Hawaii by the Polynesians, they are now widely considered a symbol of the Hawaii’s beautiful, island spirit. They can be made from anything from flowers and leaves to seeds, nuts or animal bones. The Hawaiian Haku is a version of the lei that is worn on the head and adds both whimsy and class to any bridal outfit.

Stefana – Orthodox Christian

We all dream of being a princess on our wedding day, but Orthodox Christian brides get to be a legit queen for the day. The Stefana, or wedding crown, play an important role in the Sacrament of Holy matrimony in which the priest places two Stefana on the bride and groom and blesses them in the name of the Holy Trinity. The crowns are then interchanged three times to seal the union.

Gele – Nigeria

Native and Posh Wedding, Nigerian bride, gele, Naija

Source: Cute Ninetys

Here’s another one from Nigeria know I love a good excuse to look back through my wedding pictures!! This is a picture from my traditional wedding and features the Nigerian gele. Gele’s are practically synonymous with Nigerian fashion and can be worn for almost any occasion. For weddings, brides usually try to up the ante by wearing multiple geles and ones with jewels and other bling.


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